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Jon Lajoie

June 29, 2009


I’m a huge fan of Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island, along with the work they produce.  Comedy and hip hop fit together so well, and I can only assume that it’s because you need NO musical talent whatsoever to work a beat machine and write a few rhyming lyrics that these two genres have managed to compliment one another so often.  That being said, the whole, comedy/rap gimmick has become QUITE played out and stale in the past few months.  Jon Lajoie, however, manages to do what so many people have done before him, without seeming played out or generic at all.  In fact, I would put Lajoie ahead of Samberg any day.  Granted, Lajoie’s work is FAR more NSFW, and doesn’t have the polished and refined sound that Samberg is able to afford with his backing.  Nor does it offer the snazzy videos featuring T-Pain or Justin Timberlake.  Yet, despite all that, Lajoie garners far more laughs per minute by unleashing the most committed, insane, leashes-off, free-flowing rhyme fest I have ever heard.  I Kill People is probably the most tame, and the best way to get your feet wet to his style, however, the most hilarious vid has to be Show Me Your Genitals, the unabashedly un-PC sexist romp that holds absolutely NO punches and never even flinches in its ridiculousness.  It’s SO unwaveringly awful that words will do it no justice.  It simply must be watched to be experienced.  So add a view to his tally of already 15 million views on Youtube and check out the videos below.  Just remember, if there was ever a comic not safe for work, it’s this guy.  Oh, and he’s also on iTunes. 

I Kill People

Show Me Your Genitals


I’m Just Glad Girls Can’t Get AIDS

June 25, 2009


While most people get rather flustered over that whole ‘March Madness’ thing, where colleges throw balls at hoops against each other, there is another, far more entertaining bracket contest involving higher education and competition that few people know about. sponsers an annual Collegiate Comedy competition in which a select number of colleges (this year, 32) compile a team of comics to try to vanquish their opponents and advance to the finals which are held at The Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival.  This year, the finals consisted of California State Berkely, The University of Florida, Emerson, and the University of Minnesota, with Minnesota taking the entire competition.  The schools weren’t the exciting part, however.  Instead, the most interesting outcome of the whole competition was the official MVP from UM, Andy Erikson.  The first thing you notice when she walks onstage is her immediate charisma and ability to fill the entire space with her prescence alone (not to mention that she’s INCREDIBLY cute.)  Once she actually speaks, you realize that you are in for a highly stylized slice of stand-up.  Most people will be quick to associate her with Maria Bamford as some of her mannerisms and vocal range resemble that of Bamford’s.  However, Erikson is far more in-depth.  She inverts fully into her stage persona with an almost Andy Kaufman-esque dedication.  Instead of drawing on the obvious comparison to Bamford, I would rather compare her to a younger, more vibrant, more aware (Did I mention cuter?) Mary Mack, or even (Dare I be so bold?) an upcoming revitalization of Mitch Hedberg (before you all murder me, know that I am a HUGE fan of Hedberg, so this isn’t an absent-minded quip, but a MONSTER compliment.)  Her jokal structure (I’m copywriting that, by the way) runs the gamut all the way from frog’s takes on their own offspring, to Jehovah’s Witnesses’ joke telling abilities, to homosexual plaid shorts, to her first experiences with bras.  She possesses an incredible wit that rivals most “professional” comics on the scene today all while steering clear of anything too topical, blue, or Which only makes her more appealing because, (and you can see for yourself) most, if not all, of the contestants in Rooftop’s annual competition are merely experimenting and getting hold of their bearings in the Stand Up world.  The C0llege Comedy Competition has always served as more of a crystal ball of things to come rather than a talent showcase for stars ready to explode onto the scene.  Erikson, however, is heads and tails above the rest and could easily put together a touring schedule tomorrow and fill rooms.  She’s incredibly exciting as she already has all the tools to start her career now.  Plus, she’s ridiculously cute (I don’t think I mentioned that.)

HERE, I’ve posted her final performance at Aspen that won her the MVP trophy, as well as a Youtube clip below because, apparently, WordPress can only handle Youtube embeds.  Stupid.

Two Weeks

June 23, 2009


Quite possibly the creepiest video I’ve seen since Fiona Apple’s Criminal, Grizzly Bear’s Two Weeks will keep you captivated and make your skin crawl with nothing more than…well…four dapper young lad’s smiles and some strategic lighting positions.  All this aside, however, the song itself is incredibly catchy and will instantly hook you with the band’s melodic, four part harmonies and electronic backdrop of beats.  The ultimate test of will for any couple that thinks they are strong enough is to watch the video…and then promptly slow dance to it.  Go on, I dare you.

Little Secrets

June 23, 2009


Passion Pit is anything but conventional.  They make the most catchy, innocent dance rock capable of causing even the most rigid nazi zombie to tap their toe to the beat.  Their lead singer’s falsetto gives Claudio from Coheed a run for his money.  And their hipster-following is so strong you automatically receive 12 scene points for merely listening to them.  I know, I thought 12 was a lot, too.  Off of their first full length record, Manners, Passion Pit takes turns making you dance and swoon to either size 11 danceable jams or size 11 techno ballads.  Curious?  You should be.


June 22, 2009


I love Bloc Party. They have everything a great band needs. Gorgeous, endearing vocals, thoughtful, introspective lyrics, energetic, infectious rhythms, amazing videos, AND they’re British! Despite the fact that the album (and the single itself) has been out for over a year, I just stumbled across the band’s video for their song “Flux.” And it is FLUXING AMAZING! You see what I did there? Anyway, this has quickly become one of my favorite videos as it contains a great song, amazing Godzilla-esque fighting, and dancing/terrorizing monsters. Oh, and did I mention robot love and heartbreak?

Will Ferrell Owns Media

June 4, 2009


Will Ferrell has been everywhere lately promoting his new Land of the Lost remake with Danny McBride.  From the first episode of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien to an arctic episode of Man Vs. Wild, it’s been hard to avoid seeing Ferrell’s curly-haired mug. What few people have noticed, though, is that Ferrell has continued to absolutely clean up with Adam McKay over at  It had been awhile since I had visited his intraweb shenanigans, but over the last few weeks I was introduced to three absolute classics of absurdity.  First, Bat Fight:

BAT FIGHT with Will Ferrell

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I love watching a well executed sketch go straight to hell at the end.  Next, was a beautiful ensemble piece with some of the biggest stand-up comics on the circuit right now.

It’s The Ass ‘n Balls Show!

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Finally, I saw this little doozy, which takes only a small dip in sanity before running amuck in the next-door neighbor’s absurdity pool. Green Team is what happens when you give Adam McKay, Will Farrell, and John C. Reilly a website and all the time in the world. Oh, btw, NSFW.

Green Team

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Chicks in the City

June 3, 2009


While there are a ton of independent film fests out there for anyone with a camera to submit their short films to, there aren’t too many outlets for people to develop a short series, receive feedback, and just generally bask in the glory of a built-in audience.  Sure, there’s the lost, lonely plane of webisodes on Youtube, but unless you catch fire with the intranet communities, Youtube has little to offer you other than a free post.  But, before you give up all hope and become an accountant, know that there are two, distinct organizations that lend themselves to the concept of developing series with episodes under five minutes. has both a Los Angeles and a New York chapter and has dedicated themselves to showcasing unknown and unfunded talent through a monthly voting process.  Every month, both branches are inundated with brand new “Pilots,” sent in from around the country.  At the end of the month, the best are chosen and compete with previous, winning “Pilots” to see who gets displayed on the sites main page as a “Prime Time Show.”  The coolest part about the voting is that it is actually done at a live screening.  So, while intraweb voting and viewing not factoring in does take away a little of the interactive feel, there is something very legitimate about keeping the event live as to create a community of people to network and enjoy seeing their projects screened. 

ANYWAY…this month on Channel 101: NY there was a WONDERFUL parody of Sex and the City called Chicks and the City.  The concept itself is quite outdated and played out, I’ve seen it done before, however, the writing, delivery, and pretty much everything else is GENIUS.  I am a huge fan of Jon Golbe and Jess Lane (slight crush…ok…more than slight), and have been ever since The Jon and Jess Variety Hour, but this video made me laugh harder than any previous endeavor. Follow the link to view!!!