Slideshow Sundays! 10/24/10

SUREEEEEEEEEEEE this Slideshow Sunday came on Tuesday, but I never said I was good at being punctual.  Onto the pics!

Conan comes back to television on November 8th on TBS and tickets have been on sale for the last few months for November and December.  Oh yeah, and when I say ‘on sale’ I actually mean ‘for free.’  Le sigh, I miss L.A.

I found this shot on  It’s the 8th version of Doctor Who, Paul McGann, dressed as HE believes the 8th Doctor SHOULD have, rather than how he actually did.  McGann also states that he would be more than willing to suit back up as the Doctor if the BBC ever had any desire to meet the 8th with the 11th Doctor in a multi-Doctor episode.

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp doin’ what they do best, bein’ creepy.

I feel as though I should have a Bill Murray pic in every edition of Slideshow Sundays.  I’ll have my secretary get right on that.

A young Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green in My Stepmother is an Alien.  Who knew that these two would later reunite on Buffy?  Oh, and both be superstars in the industry.  That, too.

Alice Glass doing what she does best, rocking like a 200 pound man-o-muscle while actually weighing 90 pounds.  PS best fashion sense EVER.  SER-iously.



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