Bears With Sparklers

DSC_0160 2

Yay for shameless self-promotion! Bears With Sparklers is the official Shwayblog-sponsored sketch comedy troupe on the Youtubes. It consists of Yours Truly, David Burkhart, and Adam Kurkey. Any attempts to befriend/favorite/subscribe to our vids in any way will be redeemed with a hug party! Upon doing any of the above, our 1979 Ford Astrovan will roll up to your house and you will be beckoned to come in and receive your hug party! Be careful, though, we are in a brown Astrovan, there has been a green one rolling up to homes and offering the same services but then ruthlessly bludgeoning their victims to death and burying them in shallow graves. Oh well, have fun and please click on the link below!

Bears With Sparklers


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