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Punchline Magazine

April 30, 2010

Maybe I’m just REALLLLY behind the times, but the other day I stumbled upon and ended up losing entire hours of my life in the videos, top 1o lists, and rampant interviews that inundate the site.  I realize that this feels like a complete ad (despite the fact that I’m getting paid in 100%, pure, NOTHING) so I’ve just compiled a list of the best things that I managed to happen upon during my first visit to this site.  Do with it as you please.

1.  Top 10 Best Stand-Up Comedy DVDs

2. Interview with Dov Davidoff

3. Interview with Nick Swardson

4. Comedians of Chelsea Lately Share Their Holiday Memories


Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

March 23, 2010


I want this to be an actual movie, IMMEDIATELY.  This short, put together by the celebri-sponsored team over at Funny or Die, consists of some of the best comics currently working.  A slightly embellished telling of the Weird One’s life which paints the picture of an alcoholic Al overcoming adversity and his own demons with the help of his parents, his lover, Madonna, and, of course, Dr. Demento.  Weird Al deserves an awesome send up on a monthly basis for his contributions to all that is funny funny ha-ha, so seeing Patton Oswalt, Paul Scheer, Olivia Wilde, Gary Cole, Aaron Paul, and Eric Appel produce this and slap it on Funny or Die made my day.  h, and, of course, Al gets in on the fun, himself.  Click below for fun times!


Honest Movie Titles

March 21, 2010

College Humor has yet to fail me.  This directory of what the leading movies of 2009 SHOULD HAVE been called is extremely true to form, even if some of them are a bit disheartening.  (As much as I loved Up in the Air, College Humor could not be any more dead-on).  Click below for the listtttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

Honest Movie Titles: Oscars 2010

Bitch-Fest Wednesday: Moviefone’s Top 25 Funniest People Working in Hollywood (Right Now)

March 17, 2010

I’ve got problems with this list, BIG problems.  That being said, however, what this list does at least do is compile an overarching docket of comedians who are currently winning at Hollywooding.  I’ll let you follow the link to see the list for yourself, but some of my gripes are:

*Spoilers ahead (if you actually care about spoiling a Top 25 list)*

Mostly they have to do with placement rather than actually being put ON this list.  I understand the rationale behind LISTING all of these actors, but the stack-ranking involved has left me baffled.  For Instance, I have no idea why Elizabeth Banks is #14 on this list, ahead of Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais, and Ken Jeong.  Granted, she was in Role Models and Zack and Miri, and has played a couple of laughs for the Apatow gang in the past, but can ANYONE give me a reason that she should be ahead of the incredibly talented and devoted people behind her who have been creating and performing in comedy for years?  To further bitch, how is Anna Faris even farther up the list at #11?  Funny in the Scary Movies, yes, and pretty good in Observe and Report, but how far have we ACTUALLY seen her stretch?  She has adequately portrayed slapstick-ditzy and train-wreck-of-humanity, to great laughs.  That’s basically it.  And now that I mention it, I think I’m going to copyright both of those…

In addition to ranking wrong, I feel that this list is labelled wrong, as well.  This list is compiled of strictly Film and Television actors, nowhere on this list can producers, stand-ups, or late-night personalities be found, all of which, I would argue, constitute “Funny People Working in Hollywood.”  My notable ommissions would include Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Judd Apatow, Eddie Izzard, Craig Ferguson, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Chelsea Handler, Jo Koy, Loni Love, Josh Wolf, Guy Branum, Whitney Cummings, The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Gang of writers, producers, and actors, and the list could go ON AND ON AND ON AND ON…

To wrap up, I feel that the most egregious error comes with placing Paul Rudd at #1.  I’m certain that there are some die-hards out there that will greatly take offense to that, but let’s face it, Rudd is our generation’s leading straight-man.  An important position for comedy, sure, but his range is CERTAINLY no greater than that of Bill Murray, Sacha Baron Cohen, Steve Carrell, and Tina Fey, just to name some of the accompanying members of the list.

Moviefone’s Top 25 Funniest People Working in Hollywood (Right Now)

The Internet, Porn, and Chat Roulette

March 16, 2010

Technology is RAPIDLY changing our everyday lives, and it is no more prevalent than in the realm of entertainment.  As technology becomes more and more advanced, one would think that the need for liver interaction and community would be completely eradicated in exchange for the glossied, hyper-air-brushed, pristine world that film, video, and new media can give us through editing and cinematography.  I’m not even adverse to this direction, but the simple fact is that it is not completely accurate.  I was on the other day when I watched their episode of Vanguard (an EXCELLENT documentary program, btw) which was on Porn 2.0.  The intent was purely research, OF COURSE…*ahem*…Anyways, the creator of (I know, it’s hard to keep a straight face for ME, I can’t imagine how you guys reading this are doing it) which is one of the leading pornographic hubs which has embraced the digital age, said that piracy and the rampant availability of content on the internet was DESTROYING their profits, so they knew that they had to turn to different strategies of entertainment to retain customers and continue to be viable enough to draw out a buck from the everyday consumer.  Ironically, the format that Kink has decided to go with is that of developing their live community.  Kink has invested in developing a sense of communion amongst viewers that can only be established by presenting live, original, exclusive content to their paying customers, which additionally provides an outlet for group interaction.

As creepy and far-fetched as the above trist may have seemed, it has been festering in my mind the last few days and became even MORE apparent when I found this video online of someone messing with others on Chat Roulette.  For those who don’t know, is a site where you interact with other webcammers on a totally random basis.  You have no idea who you will get and you can skip to the next person at any given time.  Kind of like speed dating only with even LESS commitment.  The overwhelming complaint of Chatroulette is that it is almost entirely comprised of lonely guys looking to show off their packages.  This, however, opens the doors wide open to an entirely different, improvisational use for the site and further makes me wonder if live performance is, in fact, not dead, but simply being reformatted to fit the newest parameters of our digital society.  Check out the video below and give Pianochatimprov some HUGE support on the Youtubes.  He deserves it!


March 14, 2010

I have some incredibly talented friends.  Some insanely, ridiculously creative and talented friends.  In a list of posts that I want to entitle “Friends of Shwayblog,” or FOS, for short, I want to compile a list of my closest friends on teh intranets that continually make me look more and more juvenile with their immense outpouring of work.  First, allow me to introduce the most multi-talented man on the internet and good friend of mine, Dante Ross!  Dante’s personal blog site, Dantania, contains basically every form of creative content you can imagine.  For starters, Dante writes some of the best, most elaborate fiction I have ever read.  And the rate of output that he manages to produce content is staggering.  I have an incredibly hard time just keeping up reading it all, which is an incredibly good thing.  I would rather be inundated with content than busy waiting a month for the asshole webmaster of a site to update his posts (see: Shwayblog).  But getting back to the boy’s fiction, Johnny Panic! is what I’m currently working my way through and it’s an AMAZING introduction into the world that Mr. Ross is able to so seamlessly paint with nothing more than words. 

In addition to his writings which do, in fact, span from the fictional all the way to the most endearlingly candid of nonfictional works, Dante is also an artist in the most traditional sense of the word.  His skills with a traditional brush make me blush (Look, the creativity is rubbing off on me!) as he has an INCREDIBLY talented eye that manages to precisely reproduce whatever his mind can dream up.  Unfortunately, whenever I attempt to reproduce what my mind has imagined, I either get stick figures, or a lawsuit.  And while his drawings are exceptional, his short films show even another side to this Rubik’s Cube of a man.  Dante’s one-man films never come off as such because he plays each and every of however many parts he can possibly dream up.  Doommates is one of my all-time favorite series in which Dante chronicles the life he occupies sharing an apartment with Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, Death, and the always-fabulous, Pretty Ricky. Living Room Wrestling is another awesome webisode that Dante has formed and maintained with a wealth of characters that consist of mostly he, himself, and…uh…him…eh, that just doesn’t seem like the correct form.  Anyways…keep an eye out for the very talented and attractive young man named The White Shadow in Living Room Wrestling.  To say that I have never seen a greater wrestler in all my days, would be an understatement.  Plus, his dapper looks are strikingly familiar to my own…

At this point, one would obvioulsy infer that we had come to the very end of the laundry list of features that litter the Kingdom of Dantania.  Of course, one would be very wrong.  IN FURTHER ADDITION to everything listed above, Dante is also an avid podcaster and radio personality.  His personal podcast, Rosscast, spans the topics of ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING and is ridicu-fyingly entertaining.  Going through the archive of Rosscasts is a favorite pasttime of mine, and it’s a great reminder of all the hot-button issues of the day, with Dante’s stamp of either approval or FAIL across the front.  Dante also contributes his smooth jazzy voice to Canadian wrestling cast, The O Show (No correlation to Oprah Winfrey…YET!). 

So, in short, Dante Ross is both a close friend of mine and also a fueling source of my depression (In a good way).  Everytime I feel as though I have accomplished something with this here internet game, I look at Dante’s incredibly diverse and lovely portfolio and feel all that more insufficient and lazy.  I’m sure that at some point I have left out the 38 OTHER endeavors that he undertakes at any one, given time, like saving Alaskan baby seals, or screenwriting under the pseudonym “Tina Fey,” (Ironically, Dante IS also a screenwriter and VERY adept at film).  Way to make the rest of us look bad Mr. Ross.

But SERIOUSLY, check out:



Living Room Wrestling!

The O Show!

Glitter Puke

February 14, 2010

Have you ever heard puke auto-tuned?  No?  Neither had I, but let me tell you, it’s fabulous.  The Key of Awesome strikes again with a brilliant send-up of Kesha entitled Glitter Puke.  Basically, it’s a musical intervention.  Yea, it’s that famazing.  So here’s a great way to start off you Valentine’s Day for those of us that will be spending the day trolling the internet in our underwear (this guy). 

Banana Song (I’m a Banana)

February 11, 2010

I love the internet.  The ever-shifting landscape of the entertainment industry coupled with the prevalence of new media and content sharing has birthed a beautiful new class of entertainer, what I have dubbed the Bourgeoisie of Filmmaking.  There is a new middle class of filmmakers that have little to no funding, yet make videos with just enough quality and technical finesse that they require a skilled hand to create.  Pulling together makeshift equipment, props, actors, and crafts, these new pioneers of the digital shift are very much akin to George Lucas in the early 70’s trying to get his space-epic made.  Of course, Lucas has morphed into the all-powerful digital monolith that he has become and has done everything in his power to distance himself from humanistic endeavors and cinematic techniques, but I digress.

All this just to talk about an absurd video with a banana suit.  At first I simply thought this video was hilarious.  Then I slowly began humming the tune in my head after a few views.  THEN I began to crave the video in its intravenous state.  Eventually I had to check into rehab and bunked up with Sam Ronson to kick my addition to this wonderful little digital short.  That Onision guy is talented!

Do You Want to Date My Avatar

February 10, 2010

The Guild has been around for a few years now, offering up a superb skewering of MMORPGers and the lives they inhabit (or don’t).  It’s EXTREMELY well-produced and contains some great moments in the world of webisodic comedy.  Helmed by the GEEE-orgeous Felicia Day, The Guild apparently produced this little diddy as far back as August.  As you can tell, I’m quite behind on EVERYTHING.  Anyways, it’s a catchy number and it sets the bar for internet humor even higher as the bourgeois of film become more and more prevalent.

Nic Cage as Everyone

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year, everyone!  The holidays have had me EXTREMELY busy, but I’m really going to try to get back on the horse with posts this year. 2010 shall be the year of productivity!  Starting us off, is an extremely apropos website for an Alex Hluch new year and fresh start, Nic Cage as Everyone!  The blogsite’s sole purpose is to produce photoshopped renditions of classic fictional characters that could only be enhanced through the wonders of Nicolas Cage! Below I’ve included a few of the screenshots from the site, you HAVE to check it out for yourselves!  Let’s hope that our new year is choc-full-o-Cage a la The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Kick-Ass, and

Nic Cage as Everyone!