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October 29, 2009


Sabrepulse is a digi-sounding, scene kid, electro mash-up in the same vein as Ratatat. The sole performer, Yorkshire-born Ash Eskrett (of course he’s amazing, he’s from the UK) produces instrumental tracks steeped in early Nintendo beats looped together to create a driving, energetic yet ethereal sound. It’s as if cyborg’s decided to explore the ambient genre. Below is my foray into the world of marketing. I decided to try and advertise Sabrepulse to the masses. Here it goes:

Do you like 8-bit video games? How about techno? Do you like mixing 8-bit video games and techno in a blender to produce a concoction that makes you pee glow sticks? If so, then Sabrepulse is for you!

*WARNING* May contain neon, stunner shades, and an exorbitant amount of the phrase “I know, right?”

Ok, so I probably won’t be joining the ranks of Mad Men anytime soon, but I gave it a whirl. Listen to a few tracks below, if any of the above few sentences made ANY sense to you.


The Legend of Link’s Distractions

October 28, 2009


I was never much of an RPG player, never quite got past Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. But I do have an entry-level knowledge of later N64 Zelda titles and their extraneous tangential tasks that Link would complete “on his journey.” I always wondered how an ocarina could help save a kingdom. Anyway, CollegeHumor has come through AGAIN and produced a wonderful short addressing Link’s rampant A.D.D.

The Legend of Link’s Distractions

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2-Deadpool

May 21, 2009


While I have before stated that I am in no way, shape, or form a gamer, I must confess, the new Ultimate Alliance game looks AMAZING!!!  Check out the trailer they have for deadpool alone.  At that rate, I’d play the game if it was just a Deadpool title.  Sheesh.

This is How Addictions Start

April 27, 2009


Ho-ho-Hoooooly crap. So while I am in no way, shape, or form a gamer (the only game I play is WWF No Mercy for the N64) these recent trailers for Batman: Arkham Asylum giving me a lot of second thoughts on the subject. This one is my favorite featuring the only woman I could ever truly settle down with, Harley Quinn. Voiced by the incomperable Arleen Sorkin. The fact of the matter is that the graphics look phenomenal, Paul Dini is helming the project, and beyond Sorkin, both Kevin Conroy (Bats from the 90’s cartoon) and Mark Hamill (THE quintessential Joker; eat your heart out, Ledger) have both signed on to play their respective roles.

Could you please give me a quick moment? Thanks.


We haven’t been graced with this team of AWESOME since the Batman Beyond movie (Yes, I am that much of a Bat-geek, AND PROUD OF IT!) But back to the topic at hand, the game looks amazing and I am SO elated to see Dini’s incarnation back in the mainstream with trailers like THIS to promote it. As I said earlier, this may be the game that gets me to pick up a controller again.