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Top 10 of 2010!

January 5, 2011


And here we are again!  Another year down and another slew of movies to comprehend and compare.  Unlike the last few years, 2010 brought a cavalcade of competent cinema that was absolutely unprecedented.  I was fully unprepared for the likes of the last few months and the intense entries into the Oscar season that began to give way as the year came to a close.  Now, as always, I’m certain that this list will be viewed as juvenile and haphazard (story of my life) but these are MY top 10 movies of the year.  I wish I could watch all of these entries over again to more properly gauge my level of enthusiasm and their prowess, however, I will stand by every one of these entries and will fight you to the death for any of them!  (Though I will admit, I give major kudos to originality and ingenuity in form over traditional cinematic bravado)  Let the ranking begin!

10.  127 Hours

Danny Boyle does so much with so very little.  In this masterful retelling of the infamous expedition-gone-wrong of Aron Ralston, Boyle makes the story of a man trapped in the desert for five days into a life-affirming, absurdly inspirational tale.  Boyle deserves immense credit for taking  a cinematically antithetical story and turning it into one of the most captivating of the year.

9.  Never Let Me Go

Mark Romanek made a big splash on the screen this year with this film, which delves into themes of humanity, fate, and despondency at the hands of one’s own demise.  All against the backdrop of a beautifully filmed, beautifully performed script.  Never Let Me Go reaffirmed Andrew Garfield’s, Carey Mulligan’s, and Keira Knightley’s prowess all in one fail swoop.

8.  True Grit

Being the second Coen brothers movie I have ever ACTUALLY enjoyed, True Grit put multiple stereotypes of mine to rest.  I was concerned about ANOTHER overly hyped Coen flick, I was concerned about another update of a classic western, and I was concerned about a story with a cliche, precocious, young female protagonist who comes across as seemingly unflappable.  But when you realize that the Coen’s entire body of work details the lives of larger-than-life characters that are seemingly unflappable, you begin to forgive this mini masterpiece for its very few flaws.

7.  The Kids Are All Right

Easily one of the best pieces of acting this year, the raw talent in this film makes me question how more fuss wasn’t made over it.  Annette Bening and Julianne Moore are irreplaceable in this comedy about the inner-workings of family and the importance of love, understanding, and functionality in the face of adversity, stress, and life’s constant ambiguity.  Did I mention that the performances are incredible?


6.  The Social Network

One of my more traditional choice for the year, Fincher’s techno-epic about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is truly as efficient as the hype made it out to be.  With a spot-on score produced by Trent Reznor, and cinematography that would make lawn-mowing a fascinating, IMAX-worthy venture, the film is almost incapable of NOT delighting audiences.

5.  I Love You Phillip Morris

Ironically, this may be the most contested movie on this list, as it does have its fair share of tonal anomalies and inconsistencies, however, Phillip Morris simply cannot be overlooked as one of the most adventurous and insightful picks of the year.  It takes risks and utilizes techniques just as well as 127 Hours and The Social Network, both.  It merely uses them in different regards and for different outcomes.  Not to mention that the performances are absolutely fabulous.

4.  Kick-Ass

Again, this film can be RIDICULOUSLY tonally inconsistent at times.  It can even leave viewers borderline disenchanted and at a loss.  But for fans of the genre, and just movie geeks in general, Kick-Ass lives to deliver both a send-up of the entire superhero canon, as well as overtly-indulgent entry in and of itself.

3.  Toy Story 3

If you would have told me that a three-quel to one of the biggest Disney franchises of all time would make my top 3 of ANY year, I would be forced to furrow my brow at you in extreme doubt, but Toy Story 3 is one of the most adroit offerings that Pixar has put out since…well, I guess since Up.  Still, it speaks incredibly highly of a studio that is capable of making sequels to films without losing any of the magic and without giving in to any sense of pandering or desperation.  Pixar should literally be a class that all film executives at EVERY studio should have to take.

2.  The Fighter

Going into this movie with little to no expectations of what I was about to see gave way to easily one of the most enjoyable movie-going experiences of this year.  David O. Russell truly knows how to make an incredible film, both critically and for mainstream audiences.  Visually arresting, with performances that are EASILY Oscar-worthy (I’m looking at you, Christian Bale and Amy Adams) this entry came out of nowhere and proved to be my second favorite of the year AS WELL AS my technical #2.  The film simply cannot be denied as a masterpiece on multiple fronts.

1. Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

If you ever wanted to confirm my absolute geekiness, look no further than this #1 pick.  Is it a stereotypical selection?  Sure.  Is it a smidge over-praised by moi?  Perhaps.  But I simply don’t care.  Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World was easily my favorite movie of the year and easily one of my top 10 favorite films of all time, as well, perhaps even top 5 (I told you I was willing to acquiesce that I may be a bit blind to this movie).  Everything about this movie takes the extravagances of previous cinematic treasures and expounds upon them.  I challenge you to find a faster-paced, funnier, better-choreographed film that speaks so directly to an entire culture and properly adapts six graphic novels into a story under two hours long.  Did that sentence just blow your mind?  Well that’s how you feel for the entirety of the movie, even after the tenth viewing.  I know from experience.

P.S. And to be fair, here is a list of the most-talked-abouts that I have yet to see:

_The King’s Speech

_Shutter Island

_Waiting for Superman

_The Town

_Fair Game



_Despicable Me


_Blue Valentine

_Animal Kingdom


R U Professional

January 7, 2010

As you may know, if you know me, I am a HUGE Christian Bale fan.  The man is an incredible actor, I would even argue that he is easily one of the best of our time.  However, after Bale’s method-coma-induced blowup on the set of Terminator: Salvation, all anyone seems to credit him for is his explosive temper (which is a whole other article for another time).  This isn’t to say that this fascination with Bale-Hulk hasn’t produced some incredibly wonderful content, however.  First there was the classic (and still my favorite) mash-up of Bale’s rant by DJ Revolucion.  Now, though, there is an entire original song dedicated to Bale’s tirade entitled “R U Professional” by The Mae Shi.  The video contains a wonderful mix of Bale clips which further prove the song’s intended message, that Christian Bale is, in fact, professional.

Empire’s 20th Birthday Spread

January 3, 2010

I found this on /Film, a LONG time ago, yet they credit Cinematical, who obviously link the story back to its origination, Empire.  All that said, the following is why media, fashion, film, and criticism should all run hand-in-hand into the sunlight constantly. Empire has commisioned some of the biggest stars of the last 20 years to put together a photo shoot recreating some of the most memorable (profitable) movie scenes of this generation in honor of Empire’s 20th anniversary. Mel Gibson’s shots are playful in their subtlety, Kevin Spacey manages to channel creeptastic without a single, identifiable emotive motion, Christian Bale’s is absolutely staggering, and Ben Stiller is looking GOOD in his 5’4″ frame.

The Key of Awesome

December 9, 2009

The Internet is quickly becoming a factory for better and better content. I found this collection of comics where I find everything these days, /Film. The Key of Awesome is a relatively new web show that produces songs a la The Lonely Island.  Primarily comprised of singular actor Mark Douglas, all the episodes are RIDICULOUSLY well-put together with quite sinsere production value (meaning Chromakey and some unique editing choices). Hosted under the Barely Political channel, which is also home to Auto-Tune the News and Obama Girl, the songs are all genuinely FAMAZING and the bar for quality has already been set pretty high. I’ve listed my two favorites below. One questions the few, yet fairly glaring inequities of The Dark Knight’s script, while the other is a send-up to Lady Gaga’s odd performance technique.  The Dark Knight production features wonderful iterations of Michael Caine’s Alfred, Christian Bale’s Batman, and Heath Ledger’s Joker, all interacting in the most marvelous meta-mash-up I may have ever seen. I LOVE IT. I swear, I might as well just start a “Batman” category while I’m at it.

Disappearing into the Knight

October 28, 2009


CollegeHumor never fails me. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is wonderful, I will never deny that, however, it does take itself VERY serioulsy. Granted, you’re working with a character steeped in tragedy, sorrow and vengeance, but still, Nolan’s feature has been praised for its dark, gritty atmosphere more than anything else. Which always blows my mind that more parodies haven’t surfaced. Past the Joker Interrogation Spoof, and a few cartoons ALSO found on CollegeHumor, there isn’t too much to lampoon Bale’s Bat-growl. Then comes along this little diddy. I always wondered how long it took ‘ole Bruce to perfect the art of “disappearing” and other tricks of the Knight. I FOUND SOME EVIDENCE!

College Humor: Batman Vanishing

Halloween Costumes ’10!

October 7, 2009


It’s that time of year again.  The leaves are changing, Jack-O-Lanterns are on display, and college girls around the country are trying to come up with what “Slutty” something-or-other they will be this Halloween.  Which is what prompted this article.  I love Halloween.  So it goes without saying that I love an in-depth creative costume choice and loathe a generic, simplistic one.  Below are some 2009-centric ideas that I would LOVE to see out in the public domain this Hallo-day.


1. George Lukas and Steven Spielberg raping Indiana Jones, or a stormtrooper.


2. Shakira writhing around in some form of epileptic interpretive dance, as referenced in her She Wolf video.


3. Kanye West-run around all night interrupting people’s conversations with a mic in hand.  Bring a Taylor Swift with you to further interrupt.


4. The Mighty Boosh-Vince, Howard, Naboo, Bollo, and Bob Fossil in some form or other.  Bonus points for going as one of their more elaborate side characters, like the band from the episode, The Priest and the Beast.


5. Kate from Jon & Kate Plus Eight toting eight babies all tied to a single rope, sans-Jon.


6. A plethora of Lady Gaga’s all fighting for attention and leadership in that poor girl’s clearly multiple-personality-driven head.  It would have to be a group outing, but it would COMPLETELY be worth it.


7. I would LOVE to see the entire cast of The Office simply to see if it could be pulled off correctly.  As Michael Scott and crew have fairly uniform appearances, it would take quite the striking resemblance of ALL characters involved to pull this one off.  If done properly, however, it could be FAMAZING.


8. Christian Bale (who I still love) constantly attacking a lighting guy as he sets up his rig in the middle of the street.  This would obviously require two people, and some sort of lighting rig, but with an uncanny Bale look-a-like and a slipping Welsh accent, it could be kind of fun.


9. Fox Studios Destroying Wolverine-This one is VERY high concept but probably my favorite one.  Dress up clearly as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and then spend the rest of the night demolishing toy helicopters (as Jackman does in the film), crappy Deadpools with stitched-up mouths, and comic books in the symbolic act of Fox destroying everything sacred about Wolverine, The X-men, and Marvel Comics.


10. Zombieland-Go with me on this one, I know it sounds generic, but just think, if you and three friends dress as the characters from Zombieland (which was AMAZING, by the way), complete with weaponry, you can spend all night running around interacting with people who dressed up as zombies!  Namely, killing them, but that’s not the point.

Bears With Sparklers


The Dark Knight in 1966

May 14, 2009

Adam West

For those of you who don’t know, I am a HUGE Bat-freak.  Pretty much every single incarnation of Batman is magical to me.  Other than a select few, of course (I’m looking right at you, Miller.)  I love almost all aspects, from the delightfully fun Adam West version of Bats, to Christian Bale’s snarling, reality-steeped Bats, to my all-time favorite, the Paul Dini and Bruce Timm-imagined 90’s cartoon Bats, voiced by Kevin Conroy. 

All that geeking out just to say that College Humor has a batastic new video that perfectly nails down the 60’s sensibilities personified by the Adam West years if they were incorporated into the scenes from The Dark Knight.  A wonderful blending of genres and a great chance to see someone take on the ole’ Cesar Romero Joker!  Holy long-winded, Batman!

Are You Speaking Bat?

April 15, 2009


I found this video on the interwebs a while back when The Dark Knight had just been released.  Amazingly, Batman and The Joker are played by the same guy.  The aforementioned borderline-schitzophrenic has a laundry list of funny vids and he generally plays multiple roles in them all.  His name is Raul and his Youtube name is MonkeyandApple.  In the meantime, though, watch this video that addresses, hands-down the worst part of Bale’s take on the Bat.

Christian Bale

April 6, 2009


For those that don’t watch an exorbitant amount of E! entertainment, Christian Bale got into a bit of hot water recently on the set of Terminator: Salvation.  Audio was recorded of Bale berating the DP on set after he messed up one of Bale’s takes.  As much as it seems obvious that Bale is a spoiled, ungrateful little thespian, I still hold out some empathy for the man.  First and foremost, everyone close to Bale, including Michael Cain, concluded that it was completely unlike him to erupt in such a tirade.  Secondly, Bale is an outspoken purveyor of Stanislavski’s Method.  For those that don’t care, Method acting is when you dig deep inside yourself and try to replicate the feelings, thoughts, moods, and physical attributes of the character you are playing.  Before his death, Stanislavski recanted his own method as being too dangerous to the human psyche to actively practice.  Despite the warning of the creator himself, actors commonly utilize method acting when they want to better become a character that usually has very distinct attributes.  Method acting has given us Bale’s amazing performance in The Machinist, Ledger’s performance as The Joker, and constant other incredimazing performances over the last 80ish years of cinema.  While controversial, one cannot argue that it doesn’t produce results. 

ANYWAY…after all this occured, a DJ by the name of Revolucion took Bale’s rant and mixed it into this triple A-mazing song. 

A. It’s hilarious

B. It’s catchy as all can be.

C. I can’t stop listening to it.

Just thought I’d share.  The first video is the actual rant while the second video is the song that I cannot remove from my head.