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December 5, 2009

Crystal Castles is comprised of two Canucks that produce some of the most innovative and beautiful experimental techno-dance-rock this world has ever seen. Their self-titled LP features an unblemished eighteen songs that take you through an ethereal world of dance/raves/magic/childhood/love. This live performance of their song, Crimewave, showcases Alice Glass and Ethan Kath at their finest with touring drummer Christopher Robin. Now if only they could get Pooh Bear and Tigger to come in on bass and rhythm.



October 27, 2009


Hadouken can be either one of two things. First, it can be a vigilant battle cry from an anime charater right before he is about to emit a giant energy ball from his fists, ooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it can be an incredamazing dance-rock-grind band from the U.K. I prefer the latter. Hadouken produce dance songs for hardcore kids, and the track M.A.D. is no exception. Check out the video showing a less-than-friendly anthropomorphic mouse. It’s what would have happened to Mickey Mouse if he hadn’t aced that big audition for Disney all those years ago.

Robots in Disguise

September 7, 2009


It’s been a long time.  Shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to…I really need to stop quoting old Timbaland songs.  Anyway, I intend on writing much more.  I’ve been trying to get my life in order so the ‘ole Shwayblog was a bit on hiatus.  During this time, though, I’ve been watching a ton of The Mighty Boosh to keep me going.  The Boosh are an institution onto themselves that continually churn out and discover the best comedy, live performances, and music.  For this post, we shall focus on the music.  The Boosh are big fans and advocates of electroclash outfit Robots in Disguise, which, after hearing about them, I became a big fan, as well.  Robots in Disguise consists of Dee Plume and Sue Denim.  Their music is fast-paced, poppy, and capable of making you dance whether or not you want to.  It’s fascinating.  And their videos are on a whole ‘nother level.  They are absolutely hilarious, appropriately almost always contain robots, and sometimes involve members of The Boosh, themselves.  Below, I’ve listed my two favorite videos and below that, one of my favorite songs by them without a video.  Extra credit for those of you who can spot the Fielding brothers in one of the two videos!


July 8, 2009

punch rob

There’s not much that I can say about this video other than the fact that it’s absolutely HILARIOUS and that it further fuels my love for live performance, dance, and the theater.  I’ve been laughing at this and other pieces of Robert Hoffman III’s work for awhile now (and YES, he is the same Robert James Hoffman III from such classics as She’s the Man, You Got Served and Step Up 2.  IT DOESN”T MAKE HIM ANY LESS FUNNY…Ok, well, maybe it does, just a little.)  But that’s one of the things that I further love about this video.  It shows a completely different/hilarious side to this young actor who clearly understands that he’s making his living on schlock dance flicks.  What’s wrong with that?  At the very least, try to take away from this little endeavor the idea that those crappy, assembly-line-cranked-out dance flicks do have living, breathing people behind them, and (if for no other reason) try to look at their merit as exceptional performance videos into the art of dance, not as actual cinematic adventures.  (That’s what I tried to do, anyway.)  You can further check out Mr. Hoffman at  And without further ado; YES!

The Killer Anna

May 28, 2009


JKJKJKLOLOLOL.  Sorry.  Another song for another day.  But in related news…

The Medic Droid was at the absolute forefront of the Myspace musical movement that I dubbed ‘Scenecore’ in late ’07-early ’08.  Unfortunately, after absolutely increda-sploding on Myspace and aligning an incredible touring schedule over the course of two years which included playing with A Cursive Memory, Breathe Carolina, The White Tie Affair, Innerpartysystem, From First to Last, We Are the Ocean, Hyper Crush, and Chronic Future, the band dissolved, citing the strain of constant touring.  The band’s form of next-gen techno/electro trance rock was the perfect accomplice to Breathe Carolina’s screamo-influenced dancecore mix, which, when their powers combined, produced the all-time best club mix in the history of CLUB MIXERY!!!  It’s too bad, had they continued we may have been on the verge of an all-out Scene Kid revolution of the mainstream.  And, really, who doesn’t love egregious amounts of eyeliner and neon hair dye?

Just Let Go

April 30, 2009


Oh my goodness, I’m in a good mood!  Snack Packs, enrollment dates and David Mamet, I feel so blessed!  Anyway, Fischerspooner is a wonderful little electronica outfit out of New York.  While quirk they have aplenty of, (this video is just plain awkward), their music is uncontestably danceable and will keep you moving those hips of yours all night long.  Just Let Go is my favorite track by the electrofused duo.  It’s just the right amount of dance/trance to get you a-movin’. 

Lily Allen Vs. Bat for Lashes

April 28, 2009


Creator’s note:  OBVIOUSLY this is purely fictional.  None of these events actually happened, blah, blah, blah.  This is just a look into my sordid mind to see how a comic book geek like me views the world.  I want to start a Vs. section of posts where I pit two celebrities/fictional characters/whathaveyou against each other and see who leaves from the scrap victorious.  The stories will be just like picture books in that I’ve included a hyperlink everywhere where action ensues.  I have included a video in those links to better flesh out the action on the page.  The very first bout, LILY ALLEN VS. BAT FOR LASHES!!!  FIGHT!!!

Lily Allen and Bat for Lashes had been frequenting the same London night club for quite some time now without any altercations. Some said that the two actually got along swimmingly; most nights. However, April 25th was not most nights. Lily Allen had quickly become more intoxicated than she had hoped for and took to the stage. Bat was innocuously seated at a table with a few friends, in Lily’s way. In a dismissive gesture, a stumbling Lily accidentally spilled her drink all over Bat’s dress and her friend’s, as well. As Lily climbed onto the dance floor and began to gyrate her child-bearing hips to the beat of Klaxons, Bat came up from behind and politely tapped her on the shoulder. Lily swung around and Bat explained the situation and demanded a proper British apology. Lily told Bat to go blow a member of Parliament and continued to shake her groove thing, almost in a defiant, taunting manner. Bat took a step back, gauged the situation, and ran at Lily, full force, taking her out from behind with a massive clothesline. Lily, being inebriated, numb, and a scrapper, shot to her feet and sized up her equal-in-stature opponent. That’s when things got ugly. Lily reared back on her haunches and delivered a superkick the likes of Shawn Michaels to Bat, knocking her down. Lily then mounted the nearest table and dove off, delivering a massive elbow to Bat’s sternum. As Bat lay incapacitated, Lily began delivering mudhole-stomping boots to her face. Finally, a seemingly-victorious Lily sauntered off with her arms in the air and declared victory by grinding against some faceless man. Unbeknownst to Lily, however, Bat was using her crazy-witch powers to restore her strength and summon the four horseman of the apocalypse. The horsemen rode in on BMX bikes with animal masks on and began brutally assualting Lily. Eventually, she didn’t know which way the bruisings were coming from. The club patrons had cleared a circle by now and were astonished by the scene that was unfolding in front of them. As the horseman Death came in to deliver the final blow to Lily, she ducked and sent Death crashing into Pestilence, who in turn took out Famine. Allen recovered and sent War a finishing roundhouse kick that took off his head in a clean break. With Allen and Bat one on one again, and a new wind in Allen, things looked rough. But Bat looked to the sky, started mumbling some crazy nonsense and then groaned in a mannish falsetto, “Daniel.” None other than the Karate Kid himself appeared in between Allen and Bat. Facing Allen, the Karate Kid bowed and then proceeded to demolish Allen before she could even cock her head to the side in confusion. After a firm pummeling, the Karate Kid backed off to give Bat the finishing blow. Bat simply walked up to Lily and blew her a kiss in an attempt to gracefully knock the battered Allen over. Despite the planned, poetic finisher Allen unconsciously stayed on her feet. So, Bat simply head-butted her to the ground, walked over her body in a heap on the dance floor, and left with her friends as the club patrons merely looked on, frozen in terror.

Yea Yeah

April 16, 2009


Matt and Kim are just too cute. The dating duo manage to put out incredibly catchy dance-rock-indie-ish-type music and still have the energy to produce amazing videos such as this one for their incredimazing single, Yeah Yeah.