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Jon Lovitz Owns City Walk

April 25, 2009


Well…he at least rents a portion of it. How’s that?  This is exciting.  Jon Lovitz’s new comedy club on City Walk in Universal City, California is finally coming to fruition.  Here’s a link to the club’s fledgling, young website.  While multiple comedy clubs have come and gone in the exact same location that Lovitz is trying to make his go in, I’m hoping that Lovitz has the work ethic and know how to actually make a comedy club in the heart of one of L.A.’s biggest tourist attractions work.  You would think that the location itself would bring throngs of tourists looking to be entertained after dark, but, judging by all the previous failures, that just isn’t so.


I Told Myself I Wasn’t Going to Do This

April 24, 2009


I wasn’t going to weigh in at all about the Jay Leno sick-scare, because, frankly, I’m not a fan…I’m a Conan-buff.  I figured that Leno either had a mild prescription drug scare or something equally ludicrous like a severe inner ear ache.  However, while perusing the intrawebs today I found an interesting little tidbit over on about the late night juggernaut.  Jay has not missed a single taping of The Tonight Show since taking over from Carson in ’92.  Couple that with the fact that Jay performs weekly at the Hermosa Comedy and Magic Club, and it would appear that the man really does deserve the title of hardest working comedian.  As much as I truly don’t find him that funny, I have to say, I respect the work ethic.  Taking a page out of Chelsea Handler’s book, Jay, you have my blessing.

Sherry Sirof

April 22, 2009


While I’m fresh on the subject of female comedians, I thought I’d list a fast up-and comer that I would have loved to insert in the list had I actually accrued more than ten minutes of footage on her.  She had me mesmerized when I first saw her on Comedy Central.  The clip I have below is definitely not Sirof’s best work, but it’s the only proper piece of standup I could find on the comic as she is still fairly new to the scene.  I had just stumbled across her the other day on Comedy Central’s Night at Gotham.  Without being too blue, Sirof’s style is decadantly absurdist in nature as she jokes about abortion, birth control, and punching black children.  Her unconventional approach and free-floating stream of consciousness narrative style are on par with that of Daniel Tosh, a favorite of mine.

Top 5 Female Stand-Up Comedians

April 21, 2009

I have a  strange affinity for women in comedy.  Actually, allow me to further clarrify, I have a strange affinity for funny women in comedy.  A talented female stand-up always catches my eye and makes me stand-up (no pun intended) and take notice.  Of course, being the misogynist that I am, I, personally, believe that there are very, VERY few talented female comedians out there.  Honestly, I don’t think too many people would disagree with me, I just have no problem admitting that its my opinion.

Whether or not that throws you into a fiery, feminist rage, it shouldn’t matter.  What my above opinion means is that when a talented female comedian comes along and is able to hang with the boys, I respect her all the more.  And it’s not easy for women in comedy.  I’ll gladly admit it.  They have to contest with a bunch of men in an all-boys-club while still retaining their own style and brand of humor (The only thing worse than a bad female comic is a pandering-to-mens-sensibilities female comic.)

Which brings me to THE LIST!!!  These are my top 5 favorite female stand-ups currently running the circuit.  Each one is hilarious and individual in her own right and has the propensity to draw major crowds in whatever club they frequent.  Enjoy!

5.  Natasha Leggero

Natasha Leggero is a regular on Chelsea Lately and always comes prepared with an iron wit.  Her ‘look of desperation,’ as I call it, delivers the punchline to much of her material and manages to encompass her delivery and personality as somewhat “comicopolitan.”  Yes, you can quote me on that.

4.  Loni Love

I love Loni…Love.  She’s like a big, warm hug in the form of an over-bearing, loud, rapid-fire comic.  Her approach manages to be brash, hard, and controversial, while maintaining an almost nurturing effect.  As though your favorite aunt were lulling you to sleep with well-thought-out jokes of crack and obesity.

3. Wanda Sykes

Everyone has heard of Wanda Sykes, but not many realize just how prevalent she has been in the comedy scene.  Sykes started out in comedy writing for Chris Rock on The Chris Rock Show. From that point on, Sykes has expanded her own illustrious career with multiple Comedy Central specials and roles in multiple shows such Crank Yankers, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and others to boot.

2.  Lisa Lampanelli

Wow, what a woman.  She’s the certified queen of Comedy Central’s Roasts due to her brash, anything goes persona and her affinity for being downright lewd.  Yet, there’s something still original about Lampanelli.  Something in her contenance that despite her overtly vulgar subject material, you never get the impression that any of it is contrived or that she is physically trying to be controversial.  She’s a genuine comic.  A dirty, filthy, loud, blue, hilarious, genuine comic.

1.  Chelsea Handler

Admittedly, Chelsea’s stand-up won’t immediately knock you off your feet upon first hearing it.  After you take a minute to process the subject matter, however, you realize that the girl is absolutely brilliant.  Chelsea attacks any and all parts of our culture and our thinly vieled boundaries that we set up on a daily basis.  If for nothing else at all, she should be given credence for continually putting content on the air on an average of 5 nights a week, through the facet of her late night talk show.  She expresses any and all forms of disdain that she has for anything at all and refuses to tread a line.  Fence-sitting is not in Ms. Handler’s repertoire.  FACE-sitting, however, is an entirely different matter…


April 15, 2009


God bless sensationalism.  Anyway, Chelsea Handler, an absolute favorite of mine in the stand-up comedy racket, has recently posed in her birthday suit for Allure magazine.  The spread includes a single shot of Ms. Handler, Padma Lakshmi, Lynn Collins, Eliza Dushku and Sharon Leal all in the buff.

While I have never been one to shy away from full frontal, I will admit that seeing Chelsea in the neeeeude (btw, she technically isn’t nude as all her naughty parts are hidden) did throw me for a bit of a loop.  I’m used to the strong, overbearing Chelsea that I continually watch every night at 11 on Chelsea Lately.  Chelsea’s entire prescense is based around a no-nonsense, uncaring persona that (at least I thought) would never acquiesce to be seen in such a position.  But, I guess that’s what I get for building up a fantasy in my mind. 

Perhaps, however, the spread never once passed through Chelsea’s mind as submissive or compromising. Maybe she saw it as an opportunity, or an honor, or, who knows, maybe even a publicity stunt (I have no grievances with lesser known stars trying to garner bigger names for themselves, when they deserve it, like Chels). Nevertheless, I still adore Chelsea and her wit and will still gladly tout her name to those unawares, I would just feel terrible to find out I’ve been duped this entire time and that her entire persona really is just an act.


April 15, 2009


Canada is responsible for a multitude of comedic gold. Dan Akroyd, Mike Meyers, The Kids in the Hall, French Canadians, all of these things are prime giggle getters and all were manufactured north of the border. So it should come as no surprise that the Canadian internet-based sketch team of Picnicface is HILARIOUS. While you have probably already seen it at some point, their video, Powerthirst, has been a HUGE webhit on the Youtubes. I have included my favorite videos by them below, Powerthirst 1, Powerthirst 2 and Women in Comedy. Give them a view and spread the word for these legitimately hilarious comedians.



Powerthirst 2


Women in Comedy

The Wicker Man: Bonus Features!!!

April 12, 2009


While scanning the interwebs, I stumbled across these absolutely brilliant mash-ups involving The Wicker Man. Being that it is my new All-Time Worst, All Time-Fav, I wanted to share these little delights with the rest of you! Enjoy!

Mega Wicker Man


The Wicker Man Comedy Trailer


Dear Wicker


Goodness, I do feel better.  Well, hopefully that will get the Nic Cage out of my system for at least the next couple of days.