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Do You Want to Date My Avatar

February 10, 2010

The Guild has been around for a few years now, offering up a superb skewering of MMORPGers and the lives they inhabit (or don’t).  It’s EXTREMELY well-produced and contains some great moments in the world of webisodic comedy.  Helmed by the GEEE-orgeous Felicia Day, The Guild apparently produced this little diddy as far back as August.  As you can tell, I’m quite behind on EVERYTHING.  Anyways, it’s a catchy number and it sets the bar for internet humor even higher as the bourgeois of film become more and more prevalent.


Nick’s Commercials

November 18, 2009

CollegeHumor never fails me. The four videos in the Nick’s Commercials section are a lovely serve up to cheap infomercials for local businesses, costume warehouses, and…well, not much else. But they are hilarious. I wish there were 4000 more of these. My personal favorites are the Costume Warehouse and Winter Wonderland. And Frog. Enjoy.

Nick’s Girl’s Costume Warehouse

Nick’s Zune Warehouse

Nick’s Fireworks Emporium

Nick’s Winter Wonderland

Disappearing into the Knight

October 28, 2009


CollegeHumor never fails me. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is wonderful, I will never deny that, however, it does take itself VERY serioulsy. Granted, you’re working with a character steeped in tragedy, sorrow and vengeance, but still, Nolan’s feature has been praised for its dark, gritty atmosphere more than anything else. Which always blows my mind that more parodies haven’t surfaced. Past the Joker Interrogation Spoof, and a few cartoons ALSO found on CollegeHumor, there isn’t too much to lampoon Bale’s Bat-growl. Then comes along this little diddy. I always wondered how long it took ‘ole Bruce to perfect the art of “disappearing” and other tricks of the Knight. I FOUND SOME EVIDENCE!

College Humor: Batman Vanishing

The Legend of Link’s Distractions

October 28, 2009


I was never much of an RPG player, never quite got past Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. But I do have an entry-level knowledge of later N64 Zelda titles and their extraneous tangential tasks that Link would complete “on his journey.” I always wondered how an ocarina could help save a kingdom. Anyway, CollegeHumor has come through AGAIN and produced a wonderful short addressing Link’s rampant A.D.D.

The Legend of Link’s Distractions

5 Second Films

July 30, 2009


Comedy is a very delicate art.  Everyone laughs differently at different things, and yet, some humor just seems to be universal, like Lindsay Lohan being reduced to made-for-TV-movies on ABC Family. Anyway, the guys over at seem to have the formula for funny.  As the name suggests, each sketch they produce (they put out a new one every weekday) is merely 5 seconds long.  This produces a wonderfully quick, concise, and usually absurd punch line that always manages to make me laugh.  I’ve been meaning to promote these guys for awhile now.  Follow your nose!!!!  Uh…I mean, the link below.

5 Second Films

The Dark Knight in 1966

May 14, 2009

Adam West

For those of you who don’t know, I am a HUGE Bat-freak.  Pretty much every single incarnation of Batman is magical to me.  Other than a select few, of course (I’m looking right at you, Miller.)  I love almost all aspects, from the delightfully fun Adam West version of Bats, to Christian Bale’s snarling, reality-steeped Bats, to my all-time favorite, the Paul Dini and Bruce Timm-imagined 90’s cartoon Bats, voiced by Kevin Conroy. 

All that geeking out just to say that College Humor has a batastic new video that perfectly nails down the 60’s sensibilities personified by the Adam West years if they were incorporated into the scenes from The Dark Knight.  A wonderful blending of genres and a great chance to see someone take on the ole’ Cesar Romero Joker!  Holy long-winded, Batman!