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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…CAPTAIN AMERICA!

March 19, 2010

…Kind of.  There has been much contention over who would become the mightiest of all Avengers over the last few months.  Rumors have been swirling that run the gamut from John Krasinski (Jim of The Office) all the way to Channing Tatum (G.I. Joe).  Very little headway has been made and it all has felt like a great, big round-robin of sorts with the casting.  Collider was where I first heard the news today, however, that Chris Evans (The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four franchise) has been offered the role as The First Avenger by Marvel Mouse.  Interestingly, Evans has yet to accept the offer, and may even hesitate to do so.  The agreement locks the actor who will portray Cap down to a three picture deal ON TOP OF an Avengers flick, as well as multiple possible appearances in smaller Marvel vehicles, as well.  This is a fairly overwhelming amount of commitment for a role that has been rumored to only be worth $300,000, initially.  And while the argument that $300,000 is a lot for playing a dress-up IS well-heard on this blogsite, allow me to remind you that Marvel looks to make GANGBUSTERS on this franchise.  This flick, if done right, could easily put up Spider-Man numbers and Marvel is fully aware.  So the concept of being locked down for the next five to ten years of your life for a less than standard sum may not be all that glamourous to Mr. Evans.  (Granted, this writer would actually PAY to play one of his super hero childhood heroes, but I digress).  With Hugo Weaving attached as The Red Skull, I can’t say at all that I’m disappointed with this casting news.  As a matter of fact, I have quite a bit of faith in Evans over the other pile of names that have been slung around over the past month.  This, of course, is because I was taught a lesson after bitching incessantly for months about Heath Ledger being cast as The Joker.  And we all saw how that worked out.


Halloween Costumes ’10!

October 7, 2009


It’s that time of year again.  The leaves are changing, Jack-O-Lanterns are on display, and college girls around the country are trying to come up with what “Slutty” something-or-other they will be this Halloween.  Which is what prompted this article.  I love Halloween.  So it goes without saying that I love an in-depth creative costume choice and loathe a generic, simplistic one.  Below are some 2009-centric ideas that I would LOVE to see out in the public domain this Hallo-day.


1. George Lukas and Steven Spielberg raping Indiana Jones, or a stormtrooper.


2. Shakira writhing around in some form of epileptic interpretive dance, as referenced in her She Wolf video.


3. Kanye West-run around all night interrupting people’s conversations with a mic in hand.  Bring a Taylor Swift with you to further interrupt.


4. The Mighty Boosh-Vince, Howard, Naboo, Bollo, and Bob Fossil in some form or other.  Bonus points for going as one of their more elaborate side characters, like the band from the episode, The Priest and the Beast.


5. Kate from Jon & Kate Plus Eight toting eight babies all tied to a single rope, sans-Jon.


6. A plethora of Lady Gaga’s all fighting for attention and leadership in that poor girl’s clearly multiple-personality-driven head.  It would have to be a group outing, but it would COMPLETELY be worth it.


7. I would LOVE to see the entire cast of The Office simply to see if it could be pulled off correctly.  As Michael Scott and crew have fairly uniform appearances, it would take quite the striking resemblance of ALL characters involved to pull this one off.  If done properly, however, it could be FAMAZING.


8. Christian Bale (who I still love) constantly attacking a lighting guy as he sets up his rig in the middle of the street.  This would obviously require two people, and some sort of lighting rig, but with an uncanny Bale look-a-like and a slipping Welsh accent, it could be kind of fun.


9. Fox Studios Destroying Wolverine-This one is VERY high concept but probably my favorite one.  Dress up clearly as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and then spend the rest of the night demolishing toy helicopters (as Jackman does in the film), crappy Deadpools with stitched-up mouths, and comic books in the symbolic act of Fox destroying everything sacred about Wolverine, The X-men, and Marvel Comics.


10. Zombieland-Go with me on this one, I know it sounds generic, but just think, if you and three friends dress as the characters from Zombieland (which was AMAZING, by the way), complete with weaponry, you can spend all night running around interacting with people who dressed up as zombies!  Namely, killing them, but that’s not the point.

Bears With Sparklers


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2-Deadpool

May 21, 2009


While I have before stated that I am in no way, shape, or form a gamer, I must confess, the new Ultimate Alliance game looks AMAZING!!!  Check out the trailer they have for deadpool alone.  At that rate, I’d play the game if it was just a Deadpool title.  Sheesh.

Venomous Vindication

May 7, 2009


According to Todd McFarlane himself has come out and declared that Venom may be returning in Spider-man 4.  His actual quote was:

“I co-created Venom. He was in the last Spider-man movie. And I think he will make an appearance here in the next one, too.”

While hardly a significant quote to write about, the article does go on to quote McFarlane criticizing Raimi on the use of the beloved villain he helped to create. 

“He’s one of the more popular villains of the last ten, fifteen years. Given that I created him, I have a little bit of a bias. I would’ve done a few things different. When I first created him, I made him huge. That would’ve been the first thing for me; I would’ve wanted somebody who looked like he was three times the size of Spider-Man, so it was almost like Spider-Man going against the Hulk. [I want] someone who is really formidable; whenever you have a skinny character against a big one it’s like ‘Woah, I’m going to have to work today.’ But instead, the two of them were about the same size. I would’ve done something more dramatic. [I also would’ve increased] the nastiness; I never cared too much about the comics code. I always pushed the envelope until the editor said ‘You’d better pull that back.’”

My hope is, after the ruthless backlash that EVERYONE delivered in response to the dreck that Raimi actually had the gall to put onscreen, and after this little tidbit from Venom’s creator himself, maybe, JUST MAYBE, Raimi is considering retooling his flaccid original design of the character for the upcoming Spider-sequel.  Which, at this point, I would not be against at all.  At this point in the history of comic book adaptation, so many liberties have been taken with so many properties, that if a franchise has the gusto to go back and retcon a little of their work in an effort to further adhere to the source material, I say go for it!  I would forgot Spider-Man 3 entirely if Raimi came out swinging with a massive, maniacal, formidable foe, in the form of Venom.  Of course, this would all mean that Raimi had decided to use Venom in Spider-Man 4.  And that he would acquiese to fan demand and totally revamp his original concept.  Only after all that ego-bashing will Spider-Man 4 actually excite me.  Oh, and the recasting of Peter Parker.  A boy can dream, can’t he?

Turtles, Toys, Tintin, and Terrence (Howard)

April 23, 2009


It’s been a weird conglomeration of news over the best couple of days, but most of it has been PHENOM!!!


First and foremost, Toy Story 3 is done.  The movie that you will see in theatres is completed…accept for the dialogue.  /Film reports that Tom Hanks was shown a finished screener of the film before he had even begun recording.  And his response?  “Let’s get to work!”  Personally, I’m excited.  Because Pixar has an incredibly stellar track record (especially with their baby, the Toy Story franchise) and Tom Hanks has this strange propensity to choose incredamazing scripts/films.  Somebody poisoned the waterin’ hole!


Peter Laird, the original creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is helming a new, live-action recreation of the quartet’s adventures and he has announced that the production will feature a sort of hybrid of live-action and animation, with stuntmen in suits being enhanced by a healthy dose of CGI.  I’m not a huge fan of CGI at all, so I am a little skeptical of this, however, with the Turtles original creator at the helm, at least the story shouldn’t suck.  Right?


Spielberg and Peter Jackson have been working on Tintin for some time now, but Empire just broke the news that Tintin’s sequel is already in pre-production.  Apparently, Spielberg has been the main man at the helm for the first episode, while Jackson plans to take over most of the directing duties for the second one.  The complete article is here.


Terrence Howard is PISSED.  After being brutally snubbed by the re-casting of War Machine in the second Iron Man flick, Howard has finally verbally lashed out at Marvel.  And, strangely, Howard actually directs some choice words towards Robert Downy Jr.  For being one of the few members of the cast to receive a bonus for the film’s box office breakthrough.  While I am incredibly far from perfect and, in fact, quite vindictive myself, I must say, Terrence…Jealous much?  Story found here.


And to end my news-ramble, Mick Foley just recently won the TNA World Championship.  My reaction is the same reaction I’ve had for years now.  Mick…please stop.  You are an incredible talent and a definite living legend in the ring.  But you have a family who needs you and I simply don’t think that bedtime stories with Daddy will be any better if you can’t remember the happy ending.  Please, from a true fan of yours, stop, live off of your residuals, and continue to write.  You have such a literary talent and I am certain that it will become completely squandered if you take approximately three more well-placed chair shots to the head.  I’m no doctor, but I know brain hemorrhage when I see it.

Another Reason to Hate Corporate Hollywood

April 7, 2009


Yahoo News just broke a story along the lines that a veteran entertainment reviewer of 10 years has been fired for reviewing a bootleg version of Wolverine: Origins.  According to Yahoo, Fox promised that the source of the film would be prosecuted and has already contacted the FBI and MPAA regarding the leaked film.

My take on the matter is that it is simply ridiculous.  The day when movie studios and record companies alike both look to the future and agree to engage with the internet and it’s potential for profit, instead of condemning it, will be a fine day indeed.  It absolutely blows me away that with all the revenue and manpower that the studios and record companies have behind them that they have not already found a legitimate way to profit off of the filesharing phenomenon the internet has introduced to us.  This major form of everyday life for many people isn’t going away.  In fact, it’s only getting stronger.  So, to fight against it is losing valuable time and energy that you could be using to research how to best profit from it. 

Not all of this letter is rant, however.  Some studios have taken HUGE strides in the right direction as far as experimenting with the online marketplace and trying to work the kinks out of web-based programming., for example, is a Sony-administered website offering content and gameplay to the online community.  Many programs are beta-tested on Crackle before Sony gives them the eye for the bigger picture.  Not to mention that the website is ad-revenue supported.  Hulu is NBC’s portal in which it does a wonderful job of including much of its televised canon on the interwebs.  And other websites, such as, are not run by studios, buy by independent directors who produce exclusive content for the internet community.  In this case it’s Adam McKay and Will Ferrell.

I’m no socialist.  I understand that entertainers need profits to further entertain us.  But there is simply no arguing the fact that the internet isn’t a blockade that studios should be looking to break through, but a channel to better serve and recieve from the community.  There is absolutely no logic in fighting something like this movie review when you know that in the near future, the internet will provide people with early screeners and sneak peeks the day after post.


April 6, 2009

…is awesome.  Allow me to explain myself.  For any of you that are fans of Robot Chicken or Twisted Toyfare Theatre, you’ll love ItsJustsomeRandomGuy on Youtube.  And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s OK, you’ll still love him. 

ItsJustsomeRandomGuy has a youtube channel in which he uses superhero action figures to create sketches and skits loosely based on the character’s storylines.  It’s absolutely brilliant, and he is, rightfully so, catching fire on Youtube because of it.  Give his brand of funny funny haha a try.  The vids below are part of a five part series chronicalling an extremely in-depth storyline, so if you just want some expositionless lighthearted sketches, go to his youtube and view the parodies of the Mac Vs. PC ads with his Marvel Vs. DC ads.  Good stuff.