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The Key of Awesome

December 9, 2009

The Internet is quickly becoming a factory for better and better content. I found this collection of comics where I find everything these days, /Film. The Key of Awesome is a relatively new web show that produces songs a la The Lonely Island.  Primarily comprised of singular actor Mark Douglas, all the episodes are RIDICULOUSLY well-put together with quite sinsere production value (meaning Chromakey and some unique editing choices). Hosted under the Barely Political channel, which is also home to Auto-Tune the News and Obama Girl, the songs are all genuinely FAMAZING and the bar for quality has already been set pretty high. I’ve listed my two favorites below. One questions the few, yet fairly glaring inequities of The Dark Knight’s script, while the other is a send-up to Lady Gaga’s odd performance technique.  The Dark Knight production features wonderful iterations of Michael Caine’s Alfred, Christian Bale’s Batman, and Heath Ledger’s Joker, all interacting in the most marvelous meta-mash-up I may have ever seen. I LOVE IT. I swear, I might as well just start a “Batman” category while I’m at it.


Hope in Cinema

May 20, 2009


While not too long ago I wrote a page about the overwhelming dearth of sequels, prequels, reboots and remakes that are currently cropping up and strangling the grape vine of creativity in Hollywood, there recently has been a mini-revolution forming just under the surface of Hollywood’s cold, icy exterior of titles that have actually inspired hope in the face of a crippling wave of lifeless franchise flicks.


First off, Derrick Comedy’s Mystery Team.  Described as a mixture of Scooby-Doo and Super Troopers, the ingenious sketch groups first foray into the feature length market premiered at Sundance to rave reviews, yet, failed to inspire enough faith in its marketability to secure a distributor; until now.  Just recently, Lionsgate’s Roadside Attractions monicker picked up the film for distribution, giving the film a second chance at life.


I Love You, Philip Morris was stuck in much the same state.  The comedy which sees Jim Carrey play a homosexual in prison who falls in love with his cell mate and attempts to break out of jail once his cell mate is released.  Being a HUGE Jim Carrey fan, the premise sounds wonderfully original yet distributors had cold feet about the project’s homosexual undertones.  Finally, Consolidated Pictures Group picked up the piece and will be releasing it shortly.


Another title that has been mired by release issues but just recently broke through to see the light of day is The Road.  Set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia where cannibalism abounds, The Road follows a boy and his father on their quest to find food while avoiding peril at every junction.  While the Cormac McCarthy novel-inspired film never had a problem securing distribution in the way of the Weinsteins, the film has been sitting in limbo for quite a while as it was supposed to be released to be a contender last Oscar season due to “Visual effects issues.”  Many speculated that this ambiguous heading spelled doubt and a lack in confidense from the Weinsteins themselves, however, sure enough, The Road has been re-slated for an October 2009 release, just in time to play a role in the upcoming Oscar season. 


Out of troubled film news and into films yet to be completed, Christopher Nolan’s Bat-sandwiched Inception looks to be another classic work by the director who can seemingly do no wrong.  Little is known about Nolan’s next work other than it is described as “a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind,” and it stars Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Cillian Murphy.  The director alone would bring me to my seat, not to mention the bevy of acting heavy hitters.

nolans dark knigt

And of course, behind Inception, Nolan is expected to follow up with a third Batman that I will see even if he does cast Cher as Catwoman (at one time an ACTUAL rumor).  Rounding out the other superhero themed could-be-goods are Iron Man 2, Thor (Kenneth Branagh is attached to direct), and Spider-Man 4 as Sam Raimi has gone on record to say that he wants to patch up the errors he made in Spidey 3 and produce “the best [“Spider-Man” movie] of the bunch.”


And since it seems that you can never have too much Robert Downey Jr. anymore, I am also immensely excited for the Guy Richie-helmed Sherlock Holmes slated for release in December of ’09. 


Judd Apatow’s Funny People looks to be an immense winner as it will tie the Apatow family and the Happy Madison behemoth together to (hopefully) produce one superstar of a comedic drama.  As much of a Adam Sandler fan as I am, his comedic work as of recent has seemed lackluster at best (while his dramatic work has soared to levels that NO ONE thought him capable of) and gone seem to be the days of his comedic classics such as Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and The Waterboy.  Perhaps pairing with a certified juggernaut in the form of Apatow’s production team will be enough to kickstart the funnyman’s comedy muscle again and get him back to helming the quality comedy that I know he is capable of. 


And finally, in classic comedic muscle news, there’s Ghostbusters 3.  Now, normally I am COMPLETELY against junctures like this one where a classic, beloved franchise is unearthed an inappropriately amount of time after the series has CLEARLY run its course (see: Indiana Jones).  However, I cannot help but become giddy over the prospect of this film.  And here’s why.  ALL the original cast members (sans Rick Moranis) are back to reprise their role.  And while Reitman seems to be too busy to pick up at the director’s chair, Ramis has been rumored to be willing to step up to the plate and assume the role!  Of course, I will be the very first to come out and say how easily this jaunt into nostalgia could turn out awful (it’s been over twenty years, people) but at the same time, for reasons I can only partially explain, I really want to see this title succeed.  Which is proof that I don’t instantly start to froth at the mouth once I hear the word ‘sequel.’  Only when I hear the words, ‘George Lucas.’

Christopher Nolan’s Inception

April 24, 2009


If you aren’t excited about Christopher Nolan’s Bat-break of a film Inception, you should be!  In just the last couple of days, both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Caine have already signed on to the GINORMOUS/STUPENDOUS cast.  Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, and Leonardo DiCaprio round out the rest of the starsemble.  These actors coupled with Nolan should equal an incredible flick on its own.  Then, when you factor in how Warner Bros. immediately snapped up Nolan’s script way back when, its pretty obvious that Nolan will have all the funding and free reign he desires (After The Dark Knight, Nolan can probably do whatever he wants at the ole’ WB).  THEN when you factor in Nolan’s only remarks about the closely guarded Film’s plot, that it’s a science fiction piece set in “the architecture of the mind,” IT’S ALMOST ENOUGH TO GUARANTEE SUCCESS!!!  BRITAIN PREVAILS!!!

Christian Bale

April 6, 2009


For those that don’t watch an exorbitant amount of E! entertainment, Christian Bale got into a bit of hot water recently on the set of Terminator: Salvation.  Audio was recorded of Bale berating the DP on set after he messed up one of Bale’s takes.  As much as it seems obvious that Bale is a spoiled, ungrateful little thespian, I still hold out some empathy for the man.  First and foremost, everyone close to Bale, including Michael Cain, concluded that it was completely unlike him to erupt in such a tirade.  Secondly, Bale is an outspoken purveyor of Stanislavski’s Method.  For those that don’t care, Method acting is when you dig deep inside yourself and try to replicate the feelings, thoughts, moods, and physical attributes of the character you are playing.  Before his death, Stanislavski recanted his own method as being too dangerous to the human psyche to actively practice.  Despite the warning of the creator himself, actors commonly utilize method acting when they want to better become a character that usually has very distinct attributes.  Method acting has given us Bale’s amazing performance in The Machinist, Ledger’s performance as The Joker, and constant other incredimazing performances over the last 80ish years of cinema.  While controversial, one cannot argue that it doesn’t produce results. 

ANYWAY…after all this occured, a DJ by the name of Revolucion took Bale’s rant and mixed it into this triple A-mazing song. 

A. It’s hilarious

B. It’s catchy as all can be.

C. I can’t stop listening to it.

Just thought I’d share.  The first video is the actual rant while the second video is the song that I cannot remove from my head.