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The Internet, Porn, and Chat Roulette

March 16, 2010

Technology is RAPIDLY changing our everyday lives, and it is no more prevalent than in the realm of entertainment.  As technology becomes more and more advanced, one would think that the need for liver interaction and community would be completely eradicated in exchange for the glossied, hyper-air-brushed, pristine world that film, video, and new media can give us through editing and cinematography.  I’m not even adverse to this direction, but the simple fact is that it is not completely accurate.  I was on the other day when I watched their episode of Vanguard (an EXCELLENT documentary program, btw) which was on Porn 2.0.  The intent was purely research, OF COURSE…*ahem*…Anyways, the creator of (I know, it’s hard to keep a straight face for ME, I can’t imagine how you guys reading this are doing it) which is one of the leading pornographic hubs which has embraced the digital age, said that piracy and the rampant availability of content on the internet was DESTROYING their profits, so they knew that they had to turn to different strategies of entertainment to retain customers and continue to be viable enough to draw out a buck from the everyday consumer.  Ironically, the format that Kink has decided to go with is that of developing their live community.  Kink has invested in developing a sense of communion amongst viewers that can only be established by presenting live, original, exclusive content to their paying customers, which additionally provides an outlet for group interaction.

As creepy and far-fetched as the above trist may have seemed, it has been festering in my mind the last few days and became even MORE apparent when I found this video online of someone messing with others on Chat Roulette.  For those who don’t know, is a site where you interact with other webcammers on a totally random basis.  You have no idea who you will get and you can skip to the next person at any given time.  Kind of like speed dating only with even LESS commitment.  The overwhelming complaint of Chatroulette is that it is almost entirely comprised of lonely guys looking to show off their packages.  This, however, opens the doors wide open to an entirely different, improvisational use for the site and further makes me wonder if live performance is, in fact, not dead, but simply being reformatted to fit the newest parameters of our digital society.  Check out the video below and give Pianochatimprov some HUGE support on the Youtubes.  He deserves it!


Glitter Puke

February 14, 2010

Have you ever heard puke auto-tuned?  No?  Neither had I, but let me tell you, it’s fabulous.  The Key of Awesome strikes again with a brilliant send-up of Kesha entitled Glitter Puke.  Basically, it’s a musical intervention.  Yea, it’s that famazing.  So here’s a great way to start off you Valentine’s Day for those of us that will be spending the day trolling the internet in our underwear (this guy). 

Banana Song (I’m a Banana)

February 11, 2010

I love the internet.  The ever-shifting landscape of the entertainment industry coupled with the prevalence of new media and content sharing has birthed a beautiful new class of entertainer, what I have dubbed the Bourgeoisie of Filmmaking.  There is a new middle class of filmmakers that have little to no funding, yet make videos with just enough quality and technical finesse that they require a skilled hand to create.  Pulling together makeshift equipment, props, actors, and crafts, these new pioneers of the digital shift are very much akin to George Lucas in the early 70’s trying to get his space-epic made.  Of course, Lucas has morphed into the all-powerful digital monolith that he has become and has done everything in his power to distance himself from humanistic endeavors and cinematic techniques, but I digress.

All this just to talk about an absurd video with a banana suit.  At first I simply thought this video was hilarious.  Then I slowly began humming the tune in my head after a few views.  THEN I began to crave the video in its intravenous state.  Eventually I had to check into rehab and bunked up with Sam Ronson to kick my addition to this wonderful little digital short.  That Onision guy is talented!

Lollipop (Candyman)

February 1, 2010

Oh, my apologies for leaving you for so long, my babies!  I have been uncharacteristically busy (which, I suppose, could be considered a good thing) and, in as a result, Shwayblog has suffered.  My gift to you all is this trip down Nostalgia Mountain.  Remember Aqua, anyone?  Does the Barbie Girl song ring a bell?  I thought so.  Well, what you probably didn’t know was that Aqua actually had WAY more sugar-infused pop hits than merely Barbie Girl.  This little number is proof of that fact.  As you can see from the video, I was predisposed to love neon and techno from a young age…

Shy Ronnie

January 15, 2010

Andy Samberg seems to be made of musical gold.  Everything I hear from him is either absolutely hilarious or absolutely catchy.  And Shy Ronnie is both.  Samberg has teamed with Rihanna to produce an incredibly addictive two-minute duet that you’ll be humming all day.  Oh, and it’s also pretty funny as well.  Seriously, is Samberg the sole factor keeping SNL on the air right now? 

P.S.  I have no idea why the click is backwards, and if the Youtube vid gets taken down for copyright reasons, HERE is the clip on Hulu.

R U Professional

January 7, 2010

As you may know, if you know me, I am a HUGE Christian Bale fan.  The man is an incredible actor, I would even argue that he is easily one of the best of our time.  However, after Bale’s method-coma-induced blowup on the set of Terminator: Salvation, all anyone seems to credit him for is his explosive temper (which is a whole other article for another time).  This isn’t to say that this fascination with Bale-Hulk hasn’t produced some incredibly wonderful content, however.  First there was the classic (and still my favorite) mash-up of Bale’s rant by DJ Revolucion.  Now, though, there is an entire original song dedicated to Bale’s tirade entitled “R U Professional” by The Mae Shi.  The video contains a wonderful mix of Bale clips which further prove the song’s intended message, that Christian Bale is, in fact, professional.

Ce Jeu Remix

January 1, 2010

I’ll bet you didn’t know that I spoke French, did you?  Well, neither did I.  Because I don’t.  Yelle, on the other hand, most definitely does speak French, and she speaks it in a beautiful, pop musically-enhanced fashion. And I’m sure you’re wondering, “Alex, what’s the only thing better than French electro-pop?”  The answer, my pretties, is French electro-pop remixed by J0hnny of The Medic Droid. This unpronouncable song will have you whistling along (or just making up your own words) in no time.

The Key of Awesome

December 9, 2009

The Internet is quickly becoming a factory for better and better content. I found this collection of comics where I find everything these days, /Film. The Key of Awesome is a relatively new web show that produces songs a la The Lonely Island.  Primarily comprised of singular actor Mark Douglas, all the episodes are RIDICULOUSLY well-put together with quite sinsere production value (meaning Chromakey and some unique editing choices). Hosted under the Barely Political channel, which is also home to Auto-Tune the News and Obama Girl, the songs are all genuinely FAMAZING and the bar for quality has already been set pretty high. I’ve listed my two favorites below. One questions the few, yet fairly glaring inequities of The Dark Knight’s script, while the other is a send-up to Lady Gaga’s odd performance technique.  The Dark Knight production features wonderful iterations of Michael Caine’s Alfred, Christian Bale’s Batman, and Heath Ledger’s Joker, all interacting in the most marvelous meta-mash-up I may have ever seen. I LOVE IT. I swear, I might as well just start a “Batman” category while I’m at it.


December 5, 2009

Crystal Castles is comprised of two Canucks that produce some of the most innovative and beautiful experimental techno-dance-rock this world has ever seen. Their self-titled LP features an unblemished eighteen songs that take you through an ethereal world of dance/raves/magic/childhood/love. This live performance of their song, Crimewave, showcases Alice Glass and Ethan Kath at their finest with touring drummer Christopher Robin. Now if only they could get Pooh Bear and Tigger to come in on bass and rhythm.

Derrick Comedy is BACK!

November 6, 2009


After two years of running the festival circuit with Mystery Team (which is still trying to get an expanded release, which you can help with by going to their respective sites and demanding it) Derrick Comedy is back to putting out sketches!!! This one comes in the form of a pseudo-Behind the Music of a certain scandalous boy band. What I loved about the clip is that I ended up singing the chorus by the end of the video. Ask yourself; Is that wrong?