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Slideshow Sundays! 10/17/10

October 17, 2010

Hello, chidlers!  I wanted to start assigning days to certain posts to keep me posting on a more regular basis.  So welcome to Slideshow Sundays!  Much like people-watching at the mall, the internet is great for viewing random images that will do you no good in the outside world.  Slideshow Sundays will be my showcase of my favorite images that I have found over the past week!  The pic above is easily my recent favorite, depicting Regis Philbin and Paul Reubens robbing the M&M’s store in Times Square.  Amazing?  Of course.  ANNNNNDDDD we’re off!

What’s the report on this? (See what I did there?)  I gleaned this from The Comedy Store’s Tumblr.  It’s everyone’s favorite fashionably-biased pundit, Stephen Colbert, in his early years.

Bill Murray at the Scream Awards.  I took this from Suicide Blonde’s tumblr.  It feels as though Murray is trying to make a statement, maybe about what a Ghostbusters union over twenty years later would look like…

I’ve got Matt Smith and Doctor Who on the mind.  The sixth season is currently in production and should be airing on the BBC in the Spring.  (!)

Russell Brand.  Oh the man-crushes I have.  There is a mish-mash of entertainers who I want to base my career upon.  This man, for his style alone, is in that category.

I honestly wish I could remember where this pic came from.  I THINK I found it on someone’s DeviantArt, but it’s easily one of my favorite fanpics I’ve ever seen.  Great representation of two of my ALL-TIME favorite antagonists.

I have often woken up to this picture when I open my laptop first thing in the morning, and it seems to always comfort me.  Alice Glass has become more of an enigmatic figure than an actual person in my mind, much like Audrey, only the exact opposite.  Alice reminds me to hustle, hustle, hustle, with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a total disregard for my body and/or future.


Nic Cage as Everyone

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year, everyone!  The holidays have had me EXTREMELY busy, but I’m really going to try to get back on the horse with posts this year. 2010 shall be the year of productivity!  Starting us off, is an extremely apropos website for an Alex Hluch new year and fresh start, Nic Cage as Everyone!  The blogsite’s sole purpose is to produce photoshopped renditions of classic fictional characters that could only be enhanced through the wonders of Nicolas Cage! Below I’ve included a few of the screenshots from the site, you HAVE to check it out for yourselves!  Let’s hope that our new year is choc-full-o-Cage a la The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Kick-Ass, and

Nic Cage as Everyone!

The Joker Blogs

November 8, 2009


What started out as a simple, single-camera Youtube production has rapidly turned into my favorite series to follow…on any format. The Joker Blogs is a masterfully constructed web series put together by a group of film-savvy batfans COMPLETELY dedicated to the story that all us bat-nerds know and love. Starting up where The Dark Knight left off, this group has created a captivating series chronicaling the Joker’s time in Arkham. Having only glimpsed the main bat-character’s of The Joker, Jeremiah Arkham, Harleen Quinzel (who we still haven’t ACTUALLY ever seen on camera), and Scarecrow (for a single episode), the group has proven that they know how to create so much with so little. Twelve episodes deep and with multiple shorts that coincided with the holidays, The Joker Blogs is currently in the midst of the Joker’s escape from Arkham.

As I mentioned before, many episodes are straight-on shots of the Joker in a confessional/documentary-esque style. What began as Harleen Quinzel’s attempt to document one of her most alluring patients, has turned into a hobby of the Joker’s; he sees the Youtube phenomenon as a cheap, easy, and intriguing way to broadcast his endeavors to the masses at large. The series has almost no budget, however, and is putting together episodes in literally two to three takes at times, yet it still manages to be an amazing stylistic achievement. The simple fact is that talent abounds in this group. From the exquisite scripts to the beautifully constructed web site and marketing scheme, everything about The Joker Blogs screams quality. The MOST amazing and important part of the equation of awesome, however, are the performances. The portrayal of the Joker is spot-on to Ledger’s iteration, with even a few added touches of genius to the character that help it flourish on its own. From the laugh to the cracked voice to the constant quiver that made Ledger’s clearly-unstable machination of the character stand out, The Joker Blog’s interpretation has nailed every facet of the character in the world that they are painting. While it is a bit awkward to not know who is behind the character himself (I couldn’t find the actor’s name anywhere, if anyone else can provide the info, by all means comment or just message me) it’s simply wonderful to see an actor bold enough and talented enough to take the initiative and succeed in recrafting a role that many critics whined “could never be done successfully again.” For the longest time, I was afraid that after Ledger’s death the mainstream would never ever touch my favorite villain again. With efforts like this, however, I feel safe assuming that the most absurd villain of all time will not forever be equated with the late, great Ledger. It simply wouldn’t be fair. These shorts DEMAND to be watched, though. Become immersed (it doesn’t take too long to catch up, most episodes come in at under 3 minutes), and help these guys garner some recognition for the sensational work that they are putting out! Below are some direct links. I have posted the first ever vid, a link to their home site, a link to their Youtube page, and a link to a radio interview the filmmaker did explaining a bit of how the whole process was started. Enjoy!


Radio Interview.

This is How Addictions Start

April 27, 2009


Ho-ho-Hoooooly crap. So while I am in no way, shape, or form a gamer (the only game I play is WWF No Mercy for the N64) these recent trailers for Batman: Arkham Asylum giving me a lot of second thoughts on the subject. This one is my favorite featuring the only woman I could ever truly settle down with, Harley Quinn. Voiced by the incomperable Arleen Sorkin. The fact of the matter is that the graphics look phenomenal, Paul Dini is helming the project, and beyond Sorkin, both Kevin Conroy (Bats from the 90’s cartoon) and Mark Hamill (THE quintessential Joker; eat your heart out, Ledger) have both signed on to play their respective roles.

Could you please give me a quick moment? Thanks.


We haven’t been graced with this team of AWESOME since the Batman Beyond movie (Yes, I am that much of a Bat-geek, AND PROUD OF IT!) But back to the topic at hand, the game looks amazing and I am SO elated to see Dini’s incarnation back in the mainstream with trailers like THIS to promote it. As I said earlier, this may be the game that gets me to pick up a controller again.

Are You Speaking Bat?

April 15, 2009


I found this video on the interwebs a while back when The Dark Knight had just been released.  Amazingly, Batman and The Joker are played by the same guy.  The aforementioned borderline-schitzophrenic has a laundry list of funny vids and he generally plays multiple roles in them all.  His name is Raul and his Youtube name is MonkeyandApple.  In the meantime, though, watch this video that addresses, hands-down the worst part of Bale’s take on the Bat.

Let Me Explain Why Taken Didn’t Suck

April 14, 2009


I recently saw Liam Neeson’s newest vehicle, Taken, and I must say I was quite TAKEN by it!  Muah haha ha hahahaha. 

Anyway, the movie truly did delight me as it delivered everything it promised and nothing that it did not.  The plot moved at 100 miles per hour and kept you on the edge of your seat, providing forwards the entire time to whet your appetite and keep you enthralled.  There were no stupid plot twists or awkward moments between Liam Neeson and his ex-wife.  It was simplistic.  Liam Neeson’s daughter has been kidnapped and he has a set time table in which he must rescue her.  Done.  End of Story.  Roll footage. 

And the best part about this clean-cut, bare bones plot is that it still delivers.  Without any ridiculous, unnerving plot twists, or ‘unique’, probing views into the minds of the characters to ‘see what makes them tick.’ In fact, without all these additional story elements, the movie delivers better

Lately, however, Hollywood has been dabbling in Hyper-realism.  With The Dark Knight, director Christopher Nolan took every possible element of the story and made sure to immerse it in the confines of our physical world, all along the way fleshing out the man behind the mask in terms of his psychological profile.  Which is fine, really, I love a good melodramatic concept or a convoluted plot piece to help spice up a thriller, and it clearly worked wonders for Nolan, twice in fact.

But lately things have just felt so…forced.  You see, the beauty of Hollywood is that it can deliver on things that we can only imagine in our wildest fantasies and imaginations.  That’s why it’s called escapism, because it allows us to break out of the doldrums of our monotonous, everyday existense.  While I am in no way, shape, or form panning realism, (I truly adore it and think that some of the most beautiful work on film has been captured from a realistic perspective) I do, however, miss the sensationalism that used to be commonplace at the cinema.  In the late 80’s and into the 90’s it seemed like imagination-stretching and hyper-fantasy were here to stay.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rocked full blown, Henson-esque exteriors and were treated as legitimate in their own world.  Who Framed Roger Rabbit? even incorporated actual cartoon characters into the nitty gritty known as ‘reality’ to the rest of us.  But just as things really seemed to be capable of fully delving into the world of the absurd, the new millineum hit, and realism began to steal the show.

All this to say, in a roundabout fashion, that Taken was exceptional because it didn’t concern itself with all the hang-ups of reality.  Liam Neeson has one objective, and that’s to save his daughter.  If that means conducting a man-hunt across national borders, outsmarting the entire French Government, and ramping SUV’s off of dirt mounds in construction quarries, then so be it.  In addition, Neeson’s character was completely unflinching.  A trait that, 15 years ago would have been a given, but today feels like a breath of fresh air.  Neeson’s consciense is gone; completely out the window.  He will stop at nothing and will spare no one to insure his daughter’s safety.  Even if that means assaulting innocent people.  (Wonderful scene, by the way.  And don’t worry, I haven’t given anything away.)

The point I’m trying to make, is that, as a whole, I’m getting sick of the ‘Take a surreal concept (i.e. SUPERHEROES), and disect every possible reality-based, humanistic theme we can’ approach.  Let Peter Parker be a snarky, quick-witted college kid, not a blubbering, slow, emotionless tool.  Let Eddie Brock be 6’6”, 280 pounds with rippling muscles and incredible photography skills.  Allow the Joker to be cartoonish and slap-happy-absurd, and yet still be dark (I will concede that, for this one, Ledger did do an INCREDIBLE job, but the point remains.).  Etc.  Etc.  You get the idea.  It may be an odd request, but lets bring the insanity back to Hollywood!

Christian Bale

April 6, 2009


For those that don’t watch an exorbitant amount of E! entertainment, Christian Bale got into a bit of hot water recently on the set of Terminator: Salvation.  Audio was recorded of Bale berating the DP on set after he messed up one of Bale’s takes.  As much as it seems obvious that Bale is a spoiled, ungrateful little thespian, I still hold out some empathy for the man.  First and foremost, everyone close to Bale, including Michael Cain, concluded that it was completely unlike him to erupt in such a tirade.  Secondly, Bale is an outspoken purveyor of Stanislavski’s Method.  For those that don’t care, Method acting is when you dig deep inside yourself and try to replicate the feelings, thoughts, moods, and physical attributes of the character you are playing.  Before his death, Stanislavski recanted his own method as being too dangerous to the human psyche to actively practice.  Despite the warning of the creator himself, actors commonly utilize method acting when they want to better become a character that usually has very distinct attributes.  Method acting has given us Bale’s amazing performance in The Machinist, Ledger’s performance as The Joker, and constant other incredimazing performances over the last 80ish years of cinema.  While controversial, one cannot argue that it doesn’t produce results. 

ANYWAY…after all this occured, a DJ by the name of Revolucion took Bale’s rant and mixed it into this triple A-mazing song. 

A. It’s hilarious

B. It’s catchy as all can be.

C. I can’t stop listening to it.

Just thought I’d share.  The first video is the actual rant while the second video is the song that I cannot remove from my head.