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Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

March 23, 2010


I want this to be an actual movie, IMMEDIATELY.  This short, put together by the celebri-sponsored team over at Funny or Die, consists of some of the best comics currently working.  A slightly embellished telling of the Weird One’s life which paints the picture of an alcoholic Al overcoming adversity and his own demons with the help of his parents, his lover, Madonna, and, of course, Dr. Demento.  Weird Al deserves an awesome send up on a monthly basis for his contributions to all that is funny funny ha-ha, so seeing Patton Oswalt, Paul Scheer, Olivia Wilde, Gary Cole, Aaron Paul, and Eric Appel produce this and slap it on Funny or Die made my day.  h, and, of course, Al gets in on the fun, himself.  Click below for fun times!



Trailer for Batman 3

November 24, 2009

Truly Wonderful!  Someone has created a mash-up fan-trailer for the next Batman movie.  It features Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Johnny Depp as The Penguin and The Joker, respectively.  Both actors have been tethered to rumors that they are attached to the newest project despite the fact that Nolan himself hasn’t even publically announced his involvement.  Regardless, this trailer is SO good (I still believe there is an art to trailer-makin’) and it makes me PRAY that Nolan goes ahead with a Depp/Hoffman pairing.  It will take these two together to try and accomplish what Ledger and Eckhart pulled off.  So, without further ado, my Bat-dream movie!

P.S.  Also, if you checked out the previous post on Nick’s Commercials and realized that all of the Youtube links were unembeddable, I apologize, I found out too late.  You can still use the links above them or just click the links to their Youtube pages.

P.P.S. Bears With Sparklers 🙂

Sherlock Holmes Trailer

November 4, 2009


‘Tis been a week of trailers. While the Transformers 3 trailer of a previous post was merely in retort to the coming Baypocalypse that we are all helpless to escape, THESE trailers for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes keep what little faith I have in mainstream cinema alive. The newest trailer has arisen on, and while it isn’t that far from its predescessor which surfaced roughly 2 weeks ago on Traileraddict, it lets forth a few more images that have yet to shown. I’m REALLY looking forward to Downey and Law owning the Box Office for a few weeks.

Transformers 3 Trailer

November 3, 2009


With news being confirmed by the studios that Michael Bay will be ushering in the Apocalypse in 2012 with Transformers 3, it would only make sense that the public would demand a pre-production trailer. Well, seek no further fanboys! This fan-made “trailer” for Transformers 3 showcases everything the the franchise has to offer in shimmering technicolor. Enjoy the next chapter in Michael Bay’s art house epic:

The Wicker Man: Bonus Features!!!

April 12, 2009


While scanning the interwebs, I stumbled across these absolutely brilliant mash-ups involving The Wicker Man. Being that it is my new All-Time Worst, All Time-Fav, I wanted to share these little delights with the rest of you! Enjoy!

Mega Wicker Man


The Wicker Man Comedy Trailer


Dear Wicker


Goodness, I do feel better.  Well, hopefully that will get the Nic Cage out of my system for at least the next couple of days.