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Bitch-Fest Wednesday: Moviefone’s Top 25 Funniest People Working in Hollywood (Right Now)

March 17, 2010

I’ve got problems with this list, BIG problems.  That being said, however, what this list does at least do is compile an overarching docket of comedians who are currently winning at Hollywooding.  I’ll let you follow the link to see the list for yourself, but some of my gripes are:

*Spoilers ahead (if you actually care about spoiling a Top 25 list)*

Mostly they have to do with placement rather than actually being put ON this list.  I understand the rationale behind LISTING all of these actors, but the stack-ranking involved has left me baffled.  For Instance, I have no idea why Elizabeth Banks is #14 on this list, ahead of Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais, and Ken Jeong.  Granted, she was in Role Models and Zack and Miri, and has played a couple of laughs for the Apatow gang in the past, but can ANYONE give me a reason that she should be ahead of the incredibly talented and devoted people behind her who have been creating and performing in comedy for years?  To further bitch, how is Anna Faris even farther up the list at #11?  Funny in the Scary Movies, yes, and pretty good in Observe and Report, but how far have we ACTUALLY seen her stretch?  She has adequately portrayed slapstick-ditzy and train-wreck-of-humanity, to great laughs.  That’s basically it.  And now that I mention it, I think I’m going to copyright both of those…

In addition to ranking wrong, I feel that this list is labelled wrong, as well.  This list is compiled of strictly Film and Television actors, nowhere on this list can producers, stand-ups, or late-night personalities be found, all of which, I would argue, constitute “Funny People Working in Hollywood.”  My notable ommissions would include Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Judd Apatow, Eddie Izzard, Craig Ferguson, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Chelsea Handler, Jo Koy, Loni Love, Josh Wolf, Guy Branum, Whitney Cummings, The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Gang of writers, producers, and actors, and the list could go ON AND ON AND ON AND ON…

To wrap up, I feel that the most egregious error comes with placing Paul Rudd at #1.  I’m certain that there are some die-hards out there that will greatly take offense to that, but let’s face it, Rudd is our generation’s leading straight-man.  An important position for comedy, sure, but his range is CERTAINLY no greater than that of Bill Murray, Sacha Baron Cohen, Steve Carrell, and Tina Fey, just to name some of the accompanying members of the list.

Moviefone’s Top 25 Funniest People Working in Hollywood (Right Now)


Will Ferrell Owns Media

June 4, 2009


Will Ferrell has been everywhere lately promoting his new Land of the Lost remake with Danny McBride.  From the first episode of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien to an arctic episode of Man Vs. Wild, it’s been hard to avoid seeing Ferrell’s curly-haired mug. What few people have noticed, though, is that Ferrell has continued to absolutely clean up with Adam McKay over at  It had been awhile since I had visited his intraweb shenanigans, but over the last few weeks I was introduced to three absolute classics of absurdity.  First, Bat Fight:

BAT FIGHT with Will Ferrell

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I love watching a well executed sketch go straight to hell at the end.  Next, was a beautiful ensemble piece with some of the biggest stand-up comics on the circuit right now.

It’s The Ass ‘n Balls Show!

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Finally, I saw this little doozy, which takes only a small dip in sanity before running amuck in the next-door neighbor’s absurdity pool. Green Team is what happens when you give Adam McKay, Will Farrell, and John C. Reilly a website and all the time in the world. Oh, btw, NSFW.

Green Team

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